Part #02 Install the Mentality of Mastery — Issue #8

Part #02 Install the Mentality of Mastery — Issue #8

Here is another solid example of installing the mentality of mastery about Andrew Carnegie.

Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline Scotland in 1835, he was the richest immigrant in the United State and well actually he is still the richest American in history, he became a leading philanthropist in the United States and the British empire, During the last 18 years of his life he gave away $350 million, to charities, foundations, and universities- almost the 90% of his fortunes. He also donated his money to help build a library and theatres across Europe and Australia.

But wait wait wait…….. who is Andrew Carnegie Anyway? And the real question here is what is the back story behind all this.

Here is the back story about Carnegie, Carnegie began work at 12 as a bobbin boy in a cotton factory. He quickly became enthusiastically Americanized, educating himself by reading and writing and attending night school.

At age 14 Carnegie became a messenger in a telegraph office, where he eventually caught the notice of Thomas Scott, a superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, who made Carnegie his private secretary and personal telegrapher in 1853.

What did he do?

In 1848 when Andrew immigrated to Allegheny, Pennsylvania in the United States. He was 13 years old, since his family needed the money, he immediately went to work in a cotton factory as a bobbin boy, he made $1.20 for working 70 hours a week on his first job.

Andrew always worked hard and did a good job. He soon got a job as a telegraph messenger. This was a much better and more enjoyable job. Andrew got to run all around town delivering messages. He also studied Morse Code and practised with the telegraph equipment whenever he got the chance. In 1851, he was promoted to telegraph operator.

So as a young boy while everyone was spending money as he should be, but he wanted to invest his money rather than spend it. He invested in various business-like iron, bridge and oil. Many of his investment was successful and he also made a lot of business connections with important and powerful men.

What else did he do?

He mentioned later on one of his books that was written by Napolean Hill Think and grow rich, whenever he was making a decision, he made them based on facts/calculations, he learns this when he was young working as a telegraph operator. Making decisions based on calculations and facts.

After all this Carnegie spent half of his life working hard being the richest man in history and then half of his life spent giving them away. One of his favourite cause was libraries and theatres across the world, His fund contributed to over 16,000 libraries being built around the United States and the world.

The whole point of mentioning all of this back history about all these amazing people is they all started and committed to their craft, an obsession as I mentioned earlier, they were obsessed about their field, they want to know more about their field of study than anyone else who has ever done in the history of the world, And secondly for years and years and years of practice.




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